"Who's Taylor Swift anyways? Ew."

Taylor Swift's Fragrances

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Remember when you hit the brakes too soon? Twenty stitches in a hospital room.
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Subway: We want you to #MeetTaylor. Grab a Diet Coke® collectable cup from SUBWAY® for your chance to meet Taylor Swift!

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So I have a huge day tomorrow and it’s 3am here in Australia, I’ll be back in a few hours, night x

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Taylor Swift Spinning in dresses; some things never change.

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Who is this child and how do I find her??

taylorswift the father of this child has responded to you in this video!

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"Still, no matter what Taylor Swift does - wears a (designer) onesie to an awards show, hops on stage at pal Ingrid Michaelson’s concert and bounces around without a care in the world, pens a song called “Bad Blood” about an ongoing feud with a fellow female artist - or how many good deeds she commits with purely selfless intentions, it seems that haters gonna hate. But you don’t have to worry about Swift, not for a moment. She’ll be over in her metaphorical corner shaking it off as she dances to the “sick beat” of her own drum, no doubt celebrating yet another banner year and yet another smash album."
— Nashville Lifestyle on Taylor Swift
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"My personal definition of ‘beautiful’ is exhibiting an identity. I am so intrigued and drawn to people who know exactly who they are, who know what they want, who live life on their own terms. And that can be anything - it’s not defined by ‘wear less makeup’ or ‘try a nice red lip’ or ‘walk with your shoulders back’. It’s about embracing your identity."
— Taylor Swift on her own interpretation of what beauty means in the Nashville Lifestyle.
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Taylor Swift for Nashville Styles

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CMA Awards 2013 ——> Taylor Swift Incredible Things

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Taylor and Abigail at Hozier’s show in Nashville (30th Sep 2014) (x)

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"Remember you can preorder my album at TaylorSwift.com Cuz you know what they say, ‘there’s no album, like a presale album.’ No one says that, no one ever says that, should we redo this?"

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Taylor’s new perfume “Incredible Things”, bottle & package

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